Latest update: 07 Sep 2004 
UpdGraph is a small utility that can be used to display real-time and calculated parameters of aircraft. For example picture above was taken while playing tracks from IL2 FB CD 2.0.1.
Before you start UdpGraph make sure that UdpGraph.ini file contains proper settings for DeviceLink: IP address and UDP port used by IL2FB. If you start UdpGraph on the same PC with IL2FB then you can leave UdpGraph.ini as is - by default it uses localhost address.

Right click on a graph area brings up context menu that allow you to turn on/off autoscale and show/hide current values.

Version history:

New beta version of UdpGraph 1.05 beta 1:
  • [keys] section is not used anymore - UdpGraph takes all needed keys automatically from graph formula
  • Calculation of time interval for logging should be much more precise now
  • A lot of changes for logging:
    • If log is on then small red dot starts flushing in right-top corner
    • Hotkey to turn log On/Off can be assigned now in UdpGraph.ini file
    • log hotkey=Ctrl+Alt+A, for example.
      Ctrl, Alt, Shift can be used to specify combination keys
      Scroll, Num, Caps can be used to specify state of keyboard indicators
      A-Z or F1-F12 can be used to specify hot key itself
      To use hotkey UdpGraph must have KeyHook.dll in a path.
      Thanks to =[ Abin ]= for sharing KeyHook sources at
  • Timestamp can be saved as the first column of csv file ini file settings:
      log timestamp=1 - turn timestamp on
      log time format=1 - set timestamp format to hh:mm:ss (17:55:25)
      log time format=0 - set timestamp format to hh.xxxxxx (17.923611)
      log msec=1 - use milliseconds to save timestamp:
        17:55:25.850 or 17.923847 (depending on time format)
      log tod=1 - use IL2 'time of day' instead of current system time to timestamp log file. (Reserved, not implemented yet.)
Download latest beta version 1.05 (233Kb)

  • Includes Log data menu to save data to a csv file. When log starts file name generated using current system time: yyyy-mm-dd
  • New options: it is possible to switch between graph and text modes and for graph mode scale labels can be displayed in dynamic or static mode.
  • Automaticaly rearrange data in table mode when window is resized.
Download UdpGraph 1.04 (127Kb)

Example of UdpGraph.ini